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Designed to be an additional safeguard option in protecting vital video data that needs to be reserved for indefinite storage periods, the Instek Digital Archive Server allows remote video data archival of multiple camera sources and any number of Hybrid DVRs or NVRs.

Instek Digital Archive Servers are designed to extend and guard the data storage of a DVR/hDVR/NVR. The video data within a recorder can be backed up remotely through the network on an archive server. When the archived server is full, the system provides easy hard drive swapping and recycling. If a project requires video to be stored for a longer period of time, Instek Digital Archive Servers provide the best cost effective solution with flexible and scalable configuration.

With Instek Digital Archive Servers a project can also be configured with high availability by real-time mirroring the video data to an archive server. If the recorder system fails, the video data previously recorded is available from the archive server for instant retrieval and playback.

Through the network, Instek Digital Archive Servers provide the flexibility to archive the video data concurrently from multiple cameras and recorders.

No matter how long the archive media is preserved, Instek Digital Archive Servers can replay the historic video with instant access and quick search.

Instek Digital Archive Servers prevent internal sabotage of recorded video by backing up the data to a secure vault through the network. Instek Digital
Archive Servers have raised the bar by providing the highest availability of video data in the industry.

Product Features            
Real-time remote backup for Instek Digital (h)DVR and NVR      
Easy archive media management and recycling        
Real-time video data mirroring for high availability        
Quick search and playback on archived video data        
Concurrent archive multiple cameras from any Instek Digital (h)DVR and NVR    
Supports up to 12 removable HDD bays        
• Supports RAID-5 and RAID-6 for video data protection (optional)      
Dual power supplies hardware design (optional)        
HR-AS-5416-1U HR-AS5416-2U HR-AS5416-3U