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A High Capacity, High Reliability, and Energy Saving Network Storage Solution

Coldstore was designed specifically for high-resolution digital video surveillance systems. This revolutionary storage system uses patented LAIDTM (Linear Array of Idle Disks) and SFS (Sequential Filing System) technology. By reducing the number of hard disks running by 87% with the writing of data sequentially, Coldstore not only lowers power consumption by as much as 80% but also the rate of hard disk failure, producing the most reliable storage solution on the market today.

Conventional storage systems such as RAID-5 suffer from a high rate of disk failure due to mechanical wear, vibrations, and heating problems as the disks are always running. When one disk fails the RAID array needs to be rebuilt, during which time another disk may fail, potentially meaning the entire archive may be lost. Coldstore is different in that by writing to the drives sequentially, akin to digital video tapes, only the necessary drives are running. Hard disks containing relevant periods of recording can easily be identified and extracted for the authorities as evidence and just as easily replaced for continued recording.

Coldstore uses Instek Digital optimized Linux OS and award-winning NVR software to offer instantaneous playback and easy accessibility to video files. These integrated pioneering technologies are being evaluated in two major city transit authorities in the United States and are currently in use in two city centers within the United Kingdom. Coldstore offers the next generation network storage solution. 

Product Features                  
Eliminates the risk of dual HDD failure associated with RAID-5      
• Reduces data reading/writing by 87% to prolong the lifespan of your HDDs      
• Requires no rebuild time in the event of HDD failure providing continuous high performance      
• Runs over 30TB of storage on a measly 50 W on standard SATA disks      
• Records sequentially for easy data retrieval