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Instek Digital video management software provides a variety of security center solutions to satisfy the unique demands of the digital surveillance market. Regardless of the size of your operation, Instek Digital can provide an appropriate video management solution to meet your security needs.

Instek Digital network CCTV virtually extends the number of video displays to as many as the operation needs. Users can instantly call up any camera to any nCCTV display monitor for live video or playback viewing. nCCTV has successfully overcome the limitations and restrictions of traditional CCTV.

Instek Digital video recorders are designed to satisfy the dynamic needs of the emerging digital video surveillance market. With high video image resolution - seamlessly integrated mass storage, alarm recording and hybird camera configuration. Instek Digital video recorders meet the performance of today's enterprise level installations.

Instek Digital video servers seamlessly integrate with Instek Digital NVRs which provide full surveillance recording functions.


The HR-VS5000-1U is an eight or sixteen channel digital video server used to seamlessly convert any physically connected analog cameras into digital IP based cameras. Conversion to a digital based system will dramatically reduce installation and cabling efforts.


Designed to be an additional safeguard option in protecting vital video data that needs to be reserved for indefinite storage periods, the Instek Digital Archive Server allows remote video data archival of multiple camera sources and any number of Hybrid DVRs or NVRs.

Extended storage units seamlessly integrate between any DVR, NVR, or Archive Server and extend the recording capacity on an as-needed basis. Extended storage units support various RAID configurations and can be stacked together to meet additional storage needs.

Instek Digital high performance Digital Input/Output modules are among the finest in the security industry and are designed especially for transmitting the status of low-voltage signal inputs. These modules are useful for detecting events that may occur such as a switch being pressed or a door being opened.