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Extended storage units seamlessly integrate between any (h)DVR, NVR, or Archive Server and extend the recording capacity on an as-needed basis. Extended storage units support various RAID configurations and can be stacked together to meet additional storage needs.

Product Features            
Interfaces with SCSI (DAS), iSCSI (IP SAN), or SAS      
RAID-5 and RAID-6 and hotswappable hard drives      
Redundant load sharing hotswappable power supplies      
Real-time drive activity and status indicators      
Audible alarm notification    
Password protection and UPS connection      
• Supports RAID-5 and RAID-6 for video data protection (optional)    
Bad block auto-mapping      
IP Storage Area Network (IP SAN)                
This extended storage offers up to 32TB of storage at a well priced level.  Its power saving technology has been given a green-award and can result in 70% energy costs savings annually. It features a quad-port iSCSI 1GB access with link aggregation.    
  12 bay16 bay / 24 bay      
Through SAS expansion ports, each Instek Digital JBOD storage system can connect with robust and high-density expansion enclosures to provide a maximum capacity of 64 SAS drives.    
Serial Attached SCSI Direct Attached Storage (SAS DAS)            
Instek Digital Serial Attached SCSI Direct Attached Storage (SAS DAS) is a high-performance storage solution for video-surveillance. It has outstanding performance with the latest technology SAS 2.0 (SAS 6G) for the interconnection of storage interface. To maximized data security - this world-class external storage features Advanced Data Guarding technology (RAID ADG).    
Serial Attached SCSI II JBOD                  
Instek Digital Serial Attached SCSI II JBOD Storage features the latest SASII (6Gb/s) interface and designed to fit in with the environment which needed highly reliable and relentless data growth.