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  Instek Digital Global Administrator (GA) is a sophisticated solution for globally large-scale security installations that need centralized user, device and alarm management. It allows centralized management of all connected cameras, devices, storage and users. With Instek Digital GA - large-scale video surveillance systems can easily be managed economically and without loosing overview. The entire video surveillance system can be manage as one or as individual parts. The administrator can grant rights to users and administrators - according to their authorities.  
Datasheet Global Administrator (GA)  
Datasheet Global Administrator Failover (GA-FO)  
  In order to optimize the bandwidth consumption between a (h)DVR, NVR or archive server and its clients that are using the same video source – Instek Digital introduces its state-of-the-art Streaming Manager. The Streaming Manager behave as a stream relay server to obtain streams from a (h)DVR, NVR or archive server and forward it to any client that requires it.  
Datasheet Streaming Manager (SM)