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Instek Digital HD Cube


The Power of Small with Advanced Local Functionalities

Why do SMBs still purchase expensive and complex Network Video Recorders (NVR) – while economical and accessible surveillance solution comes in the form of the HD Cube NVR from Instek Digital? Instek Digital today is proudly to announce its HD Cube Network Video Recorder (NVR) – the perfect solution for todays distributed retail business model. When SMBs such as restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, retails stores etc. - require a surveillance system – they need to consider various elements. What is their budget, what is the available space for the surveillance system and the expertise from the person that needs to operate the surveillance system? To meet these elements – Instek Digital introduces its next generation retail NVR. The HD Cube NVR is developed as an economical and space saving network video recorder.

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Advanced Video Download

The download functionality is designed with an easy to utilize user-interface. By adding a snapshot overview – it is simple to locate the desired video time-frame. Just set the start and end time, HD Cube will automatically download the video to an external storage device.


Seamlessly Application Integration

Instek Digital HD Cube seamlessly integrates with POS and Access Control systems. Video and POS transaction data or employee entry data - can easy be compared - which results in reduced loss and higher profits.


Camera Support

Record up and live view videos up to 16 channels simultaneously.


Large Storage Capacity

HD Cube is equipped with four swappable HDD bays - which supports up to 12 terabytes of video-data.


Full HD Local Display

Supports full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution for clear and sharp video-image.


Remote Access

View videos from Instek Digital's HD Cube from anywhere and anytime with Instek Digital's powerful VMS Command Center Lite or utilize CCMobile to live view or playback video on your phone or tablet.


Advanced Event Notifications

When an event is triggered HD Cube will automatically shows an alarm notifications on the screen. The alarm will show the video source, event type and time of the alarm.


Powerful Advanced Local Feature

Additional HD Cube also supports PTZ functionality, pattern and tour, Bird-Eye View and instant playback.