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A hard-disk drive is the most essential element of a NVR – it is like the heart of a human-being.  We threat our heart with the uppermost care and in case there are treats – we take precautions.  Instek Digital has optimized the way that a NVR makes sure when a hard-disk drive faces issues. In this case the operator is informed immediately. Now Instek Digital has enhanced its HDD Failure Alarm on our powerful VMS Command Center.
In the security industry – any vulnerability can be disastrous and costly. Loss of video-data or no recording at all – is something that occurs on a daily base. To minimize this from happening – Instek Digital has enhanced the HDD Failure Alarm feature for our advanced VMS Command Center. It issues an alarm when one of the hard-disk drives within a NVR is detected with a failure – without losing video-data and ensuring smooth recording.
Instek Digital introduces three different HDD alarm events:

  1. ID-STORAGE-DEV-FAIL: event will be triggered when a hard-drive failure is detected;
  2. ID-STORAGE-TEMP-HIGH: event will be triggered when the system temperature reaches 55°C;
  3. ID-STORAGE-REC-ERR: event will be triggered when a disk-writing error is detected.

Besides hard-disk drive failure detection – Instek Digital’s NVR also supports alarm events for RAID card connected to the hard-disk drive. The following scenarios are supported:

  1. ID-RAID-CRITICAL: RAID is in critical state;
  2. ID-RAID-REBUILD: RAID is in rebuilding state;
  3. ID-RAID-COMPLETE: RAID rebuild is completed;
  4. ID-STORAGE-REC-ERR: failing to write recording files on the hard-drive no matter is it is RAID controlled or not;
  5. ID-RAID-TEMP-HIGH: RAID temperature reaches 55°C.

Additional Command Center is also able to detect the connection of external storage devices – such as iSCI-devices. This non-system alarm event is called ID-IPSAN-DISCONNECTED – can be associated with any action – the same way as the other above mentioned events.
In case above events are triggered – the following actions can be issued:

  1. Alarm;
  2. Sending-out e-mail;
  3. Digital output.

Aside from an event is triggered – the NVR will also store a log for analyzing purposes. This will help to understand exactly the issues that the hard-disk drives has experienced.
By enhancing the HDD Failure Alarm – Instek Digital has made its video management solution Command Center even more powerful.

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