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  CITY SURVEILLANCE              
    Video Surveillance Systems are used for crime prevention and traffic monitoring in city surveillance projects. One of the unique characteristics of City Surveillance is wide distribution of thousands of cameras. The challenge of the system is capability to identify suspicious events from numerous cameras. GIS (Geographic Information System) provides a powerful and unified visual tool to associate video with precious information distributed in an extensive area, and helps the users to make critical business and operational decisions. In the event of an incident, the system is able to provide information regarding the location of the event, thus assisting the operators with instant video retrieval and alarm management. Additionally, the system is also able to provide long-term alarm archiving for swift video retrieval on demand.  
      • Highly Distributed and Hierarchical Structure
• Advanced Alarm Management & Archive Capability
• Video Analytics
• Hybrid System
• Limited Bandwidth
• GIS Integration
  Global terrorist attacks have raised the bar for homeland security, especially in governmental facilities. Various user groups in government agencies require a sophisticated system with the ability for individual account management. To comply with regulations, some government agencies also require long-term video archiving for a period of up to 6 months. Zero fault tolerance and 24x7 operation is critical and is defined as the highest priority.  
  • Analog Camera
• Centralized Management
• Sophisticated Account Management
• Long Term Storage
• System Stability

At Instek Digital, our mission is to provide the most reliable and scalable digital video management system for gaming operations. With full compliance to the regulations of all Gaming Commissions, we understand the unique surveillance requirements in a dynamic casino environment. With extensive experience in very large facilities, our systems meet the extreme demands of video quality, image resolution, redundancy and long term storage.

According to gaming commission rules, a table needs to close if the surveillance is not working, so casinos face losses of millions of dollars if they choose the wrong system. We at Instek Digital have integrated failover into our units so that in the rare event that a unit should fail, the camera signal can be re-routed within seconds via a backup video server, keeping the surveillance up 24 hours a day. When the first server has been repaired or replaced, the video signal will return to its normal route. 

And with smart search software, casino security is now able to instantly play back video and zoom in, in the event that they think something may not be quite right. Whilst at the same time keeping the live video feed on screen.

    • Long term storage
• Remote backup
• Mega pixel camera integration
• Video Analytics
• Virtual Matrix network CCTV wall
• Real time video recording
• Video quality
• System availability

Multi-site installation is a typical characteristic of the retail and banking segment. Instek Digital is proud to announce a cost-effective network video recording solution that supports advanced functionality and introduces a new dimension of reliability and performance. It is scalable from a single to thousands of remote locations. The turnkey solution consists of high resolution IP cameras for exceptional image quality. By integrating with the latest remote enterprise software, portability and ease of usage is no longer just a futuristic idea, but a part of your daily application.

Video is quickly becoming the new benchmark for POS (Point Of Sale) integration. POS tying comprehensive search functionality with an advanced video management solution enables business owners and managers to increase productivity and improve efficiency. The integration between POS system with Video Monitoring empowers retailers to improve on aspects of loss prevention, cash-handling, employee productivity and ultimately reporting increase in sales, while keeping the operational costs down to a minimum.

  • Multi-Site with Small Number of Cameras
• Compact Solution
• Scalable and Reliable
• Easy Setup for Live Camera View
• Intelligent Video
• POS System Integration
In most commercial areas video is used not only to ensure employee and customer safety, but also to improve the business operation. In manufacturing environments, a single disaster can cause billions of dollars in asset loss as well as thousands of lives. Video Analytics and Alarm Management is crucial in preventing these unwanted events. Production and commercial facilities can be monitored remotely to ensure operational efficiency and the quality of service. In most cases, the system can also integrate with existing devices while providing additional room for future growth.  
      • Examples: Shopping Malls, Industrial Manufacturing Facilities
• Expand/ Upgrade From Existing Surveillance System
• Hybrid Video Recording Configuration
• Video Analytics
• Remote Management
• Mega Pixel Camera Integration

The ability to seamlessly integrate with existing analogue camera infrastructure is a key element in transportation video surveillance. With billions of dollars already invested in camera technology in locations around the world, but also not discounting the advances made in digital technology, public transportation needs a solution that can incorporate existing hardware and merge it with newer, higher-resolution IP and mega-pixel camera technology. Hybrid DVR solutions from Instek Digital provide the answer to such a problem. Our intelligent software also enables security management to locate items left behind to assure a swift response to any suspicious actiivities. 

Our products are compatible with a huge array of IP and mega-pixel cameras, and can also be integrated with PTZ cameras so that security personnel can track an event or person, and zoom in as required. Snapshots can be taken, and in the event that video needs to be used as evidence, automatic report writing can be generated giving the exact time, location and other vital information required by law.

24/7 video recording ensures that all events are stored for reference and perusal at any time, and absolutely months of recording can be conveniently stored and backed up on any number of scalable and reliable Direct Attached Storage (DAS) devices on the network. Stored data is simply and quickly retrieved by date and time, to make sure that the video data is always available.

  • Hybrid Recording Configuration
• Central Management
• Scalability
• 3rd Party Device(s) Integration
• Network CCTV Wall
• Video Analytics