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Command Center  
Command Center is the most powerful video management software available. Command Center provides all of the functionality of Command Center Dual along with support for up to four monitors and instant access to an unlimited number of cameras and servers. With four monitors the user can simultaneously view and manage the software control terminal, the video playback terminal, and live video from up to 64 different camera sources.

  Command Center Dual  
  Command Center Dual provides all of the features of Command Center Lite along with dual monitor functionality to further enhance the ease in which the user can access and respond to vital information quickly.  

Command Center Lite    

Command Center Lite combines real time live camera viewing from up to 16 different camera sources simultaneously along with instant playback and Advanced Smart Search of video analytics on recorded data.



Instant Playback  
    Advanced Smart Search

    Download Scheduler  

Comparison Table            
Main GUI Monitors                  
Number of monitors support (minimum required)     3 2 1  
Main GUI T1 / T2 / T3                  
Terminal 1 for main GUI, Camera Tree, Alarm List, Map, Setup DVR and CC, DI/O     Y Y Y  
Terminal 2 for history video playbacks, always in 2x2 layout     Y Y Y  
Terminal 3 for live video viewing, can change to different patterns and run tours     Y Y Y  
Alarm Popup on T3 Player           Y Y -  
Main GUI Camera Tree                  
Camera Tree List shows Camera Nodes under the NVR Nodes           Y Y Y  
Camera Tree shows NVR online status           Y Y Y  
Camera Tree shows Camera type and status     Y Y Y  
Camera Tree shows Custom Group Nodes     Y Y Y  
Main GUI Map                  
Map control shows Camera Locations and type and status     Y Y Y  
Map control shows DIO points locations and status - can change DO points status     Y Y Y  
Main GUI Control Bar                  
Button to toggle T3 player and T2 player         - Y Y  
DIO Device Monitor and Control           Y Y Y  
Custom Shortcuts to execute external programs       Y Y Y  
Default Empty Pattern Buttons to control the layout of T3 Player     Y Y Y  
Main GUI MonitorPAD                  
nCCTV MonitorPad to control nCCTV devices     Y Y Y  
CC Setup                  
Command Center General Settings page         Y Y Y  
Alarm Popup Confiuration Setting           Y Y - -
Subscribe up to 512 DVR/NVR/AS servers         Y Y Y  
Pattern/Tour Configuration page           Y Y Y  
TreeBuilder for Custom Group Nodes Configuration page   Y Y Y  
MapBuilder Configuration page           Y Y Y  
nCCTV MonitorPad Configuration page           Y Y Y  
NVR Setup                  
System Configuration and Operations page   Y Y Y  
Camera Configuration page (Basic, Motion, Video Stream, PTZ)     Y Y Y  
I/O Device Configuration page           Y Y Y  
Recording Configuration page           Y Y Y  
Alarm/Event Configuration page           Y Y Y  
Account Management page           Y Y Y  
Player GUI                  
Basic PTZ commands on player OSD and pop-up menu   Y Y Y  
Advanced PTZ commands on player pop-up menu   T2 only T2 only T2 only  
Digital PTZ with Birdview window           Y Y Y  
Take snapshot for camera video images           Y Y Y  
Download and save camera video            Y Y Y  
Intelligent Analysis                  
Motion based Search for Playback Video         Y Y Y  
Intelligent Video Analysis Module (Advanced SmartSearch) for Playback Video on background   Y Y Y  
ArgusView           Y Y Y  
Synchronous Playback           Y Y Y