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Instek Digita™l video recorders are designed to satisfy the dynamic needs of the emerging digital video surveillance market. With high video image resolution - seamlessly integrated mass storage, alarm recording and hybird camera configuration. Instek Digital video recorders meet the performance of today's enterprise level installations.


Instek Digita™l NVR5000-4U series is focussed on large projects, such as cities, airports and tranportation. These environments require large storage space with fast access to important video-data. It can record video-data up to 128 channels simultaneously on 24 hard-disc drives.

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The high performance enterprise-class 3U series NVR, like its 3U series DVR counterparts, delivers the highest standard in performance. Dual power supplies, 8 to 12 hard drive bays, and optional RAID-5 and RAID-6 capability ensure that critical data will be safe even in the event of mechanical failure. Instek Digital NVRs support numerous IP camera compression formats for maximum flexibility.

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Instek Digital™ 2U series NVRs provide a range of options to suit any security system. The 2U delivers great power and value in a compact design with support for numerous IP camera compression formats. With models offering four or eight hard drive bays and optional RAID-5 and RAID-6 support you can choose the configuration appropriate for your individual needs.

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Instek Digita™l sleek 5400-1U NVR is an economical network video recorder. This 1U rackmountable device is designed for enterprise level video surveillance focussed on external storage devices. Video-data transferred from the IP-camera are directly stored on either a DAS-SAS, IP-SAN or JBOD external storage device.

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Instek Digital™ NVR Failover server is a redundant NVR server - which automatically takes over operation of the NVR server in case of a malfunction. Ensuring non-stop NVR recording - Instek Digital™ designed the NVR Failover server.

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