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Instek Digital is focused on the development of high quality digital video surveillance solutions - today announced its presence at INTERSEC 2016 the largest security exhibition of the Middle East. During the show the company will display a full line-up of new features and products. These include Command Center VMS and NVR features, video intelligence solution, integration of intercom system, mobile NVR, digital video surveillance storage system and central management.

The show will take place from January 17 to 19 in Dubai and Instek Digital is located at stand SA-G09 at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre Dubai. The company will show four major topics; Event Simulation, Vertical Solutions, 3rd Party Integration and Disaster Prevention.

These topics includes the following new products and features:

Event Simulation

Event Simulation Instek Digital video surveillance monitoring and management solution makes surveillance easy, whether it is protecting a small business or managing a multi-site enterprise installation, Instek Digital Event Simulation features a wide array of elements that can be implemented in any environment. During the show visitors can witness the seamless collaboration between Instek Digital Command Center VMS, NVR and TV-Wall solution nCCTV HD.

New on Command Center are SmartTrace and MIPMAP. SmartTrace is an ideal feature for large scale project, such as city surveillance. It makes it easy to pinpoint the exact location of a camera. MIPMAP combines different sections of a larger map into one, making it easy to take control of all the cameras in a larger area. Furthermore the new H.265 decoding standard is also supported.

To make better decisions and respond faster, Instek Digital has developed nCCTV HD. It is a powerful TV-wall solution, allowing creating a 10 display tv-wall with just a single device. Allowing users to get all the information that is necessary in just a blink of an eye, nCCTV HD can be combined with TV-Wall WIZ. It is a utility to control the tv-wall and contains features such as Picture-in-Picture, Video Stitching and alarm popup and pattern.

Vertical Solution

Vertical solutions contain elements that can be deployed in a wide variety of industries. During this year's show, Instek Digital will show three different products that are specially developed for transportation; these products include VTrack video intelligence, mobile NVR and Global Administrator and Streaming Manager for centralized operations.

3rd Party Integration

Instek Digital's open platform concept ensures full integration of 3rd party solutions. Currently the firm has completed full integration of Coldstore digital video surveillance storage system and intercom system.


i2DP (Instek Digital Disaster Prevention) is Instek Digital's redundancy concept. i2DP helps to reduce risk and minimize downtime in the event of a disaster and is surrounded by the following four solutions: Power DOM, Archive Server, Video Reclaim and Failover.

As a solutions provider, Instek Digital thinks together with its customers to obtain and deploy a project successfully. The company is able to adapt to changing and requests from its customers, by adding or modifying product and/or features to its existing product portfolio. "We are pleased to be present in Dubai and this time with the largest booth since our attendance at Intersec. Our business is growing in the Middle East and this success has been realized due to the dedication to our customers. So let us welcome you at booth SA-G09!", said Sara Lin - Director Video Surveillance BU of Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd.

Please join us in Dubai. For more information or schedule an appointment – please contact Jackson Lee at +866 2268 9939 ext. 201 or write an e-mail to Booth information: SA-G09.

Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd.

Instek Digital is a video surveillance division of Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd. and focus on the development of high quality digital surveillance solutions. The company inherited over 20 years of surveillance experience. Instek Digital has the luxury to be supported by Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd and has over 30 years of electronics, R&D and manufacturing experience and listed on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange.

Instek Digital offers a wide array video surveillance software and hardware - under the brand of Instek Digital. The core design are based on the following principles; "User-Friendliness", "Scalability" and "Reliability". Instek Digital's solutions are based on an open platform - creating seamless third party integration. With this concept Instek Digital has created a business model that can meet every aspect in today's surveillance demand. The results speak for themselves - based on the small and large projects that we have deployed around the world.

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