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Ayr, United Kingdom and Taipei, Taiwan (May 6th 2010) - Veracity, the leader in IP connectivity and transmission solutions, and Instek Digital, manufacturer of digital video surveillance solutions, today announced the full integration of the new Veracity COLDSTORE video storage system with the Instek Digital Matrivideo platform.

COLDSTORE, a revolutionary storage system using patented LAIDTM (Linear Array of Idle Disks) technology, is designed especially for high-resolution digital video surveillance systems. By reducing the number of hard disks running by 87% with the writing of data sequentially, COLDSTORE not only lowers power consumption by as much as 80% but also the rate of hard disk failure, producing a truly infallible storage solution.

Choosing COLDSTORE over traditional storage systems is an easy choice. Conventional storage systems such as RAID 5 suffer from a high rate of disk failure due to mechanical wear, vibrations, and heating problems as the disks are always switched on and running. When one disk fails the RAID array needs to be rebuilt, during which time another disk may fail, potentially meaning the entire archive may be lost. COLDSTORE is different in that by writing to the drives sequentially, akin to digital video tapes, you never have more drives running than is absolutely necessary.

Playback from the drives is instantaneous and video files can easily be accessed from any ordinary PC via the USB port. Hard disks containing relevant periods of recording can easily be identified and extracted for the authorities as evidence.

"The numbers speak for themselves; the ability to run a 30TB video storage array on a measly 56 watts is no small feat and also a very green solution. Combined with the high availability features of our Matrivideo platform such as hybrid failover and power redundancy, you will have one very reliable security solution," says Peter James Rankin, Instek Digital Marketing Manager.

Additional Information

CCTVImage - April issue, page 28.

About Veracity
Veracity has developed a family of innovative products to support pure IP-Surveillance and analogue to IP video hybrid projects.  These products solve practical connectivity problems in system design and deployment. Veracity focuses on transmission, time synchronisation, storage and displays solutions.  It has specific expertise in enabling high bandwidth megapixel network video systems. The company has offices in the US and UK and its products are selling right across the world via direct and OEM agreements and a network of distributors.

About Instek Digital
Instek Digital proudly manufactures a truly enterprise class digital video surveillance solution. Our strong research and development team implement cutting edge solutions for hybrid network video recorders, video management systems and IP cameras. Our responsive and helpful technical support team is always available to provide assistance during all crucial phases of a project – before, during and after the sale.