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Tuesday - July 11th, 2016

Instek Digital announces NR5000-4U Network Video Recorder series

24-bay NVR with maximum storage and performance

Today Instek Digital™ has expanded its NVR product-line with the NR5000-4U series. This video recorder is designed focusing on large scale projects, such as cities, airports and public transportation. It is especially suitable for environments that require large storage space with fast access to important video data.

It can record video-data up to 128 channels simultaneously on 24 hard-disc drives. Optional RAID model is also available, which ensures maximum security. The hard-disc drive bays for the RAID models are hot-swappable, which makes it easy to change hard-disc drives without turning-off the system. This ensures accessibility of critical video-data 24/7 without any hassle. Furthermore the hard-disc drive bays are protected for unauthorized access by a centralized front panel and the individual bays are also lockable for additional safeguard.

To optimize video-data access, the NR5000-4U series is designed with three hot-swappable system fans. These can be replaced for maintenance without system downtime.

The NR5000-4U series comes pre-installed with Instek Digital™ NVR software and customized Linux operating system, which provides better performance, reliability and protection. It has been specially configured to allocate more resources for demanding tasks for viewing and recording of high resolution video. Instek Digital™ NVR software will also save a lot of cost and time, since setting up the NVR will be reduced to a minimum. Furthermore Instek Digital’s NVRs are fully scalable; just purchase the number of channels that are required and purchase more channels if the projects expands.

Since Instek Digital™ NVR software runs on a USB dom, safeguarding important video-data is guaranteed. The operating system runs separate from the recorded video-data and single-point-of-failure is eliminated.

Additional to enhance security, Instek Digital also introduces new software features, such as the support of industrial standard ‘Modbus-TCP’ DIO, RSA-2048bit encryption/decryption support for video recording/transmission and support for HTTPS(TLC/SSL) connection for commands exchange between the NVR and Instek Digital™ VMS Command Center.

Furthermore NR5000-4U series supports ONVIF for maximum hardware flexibility.

Optionally the NR5000-4U series NVR is available with:

  • King Rack rails 26” (66.04 cm);
  • Redundant power supply;
  • 12Gb/s 24 bay expander backplane for RAID model.

Instek Digital™ NR5000-4U series is easy to install, delivers high performance, provides maximum hardware flexibility, minimizes system downtime and ensures sufficient storage capacity.

Worldwide availability and shipment will start immediately. For a price quotation, please contact our sales team: Instek Digital Sales.

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