accurate video surveillance positioning solution

Instek Digital™ Optrail is a real-time locationing solution with visualization. People and/or assets can be traced and the location is determined by ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. UWB is a radio technology that can use very low energy level for short-range, high-bandwidth communications, which makes locating people and/or assets very accurate.

Instek Digital™ Optrail does not only provide location data, but also shows the person(s) and/or asset(s) with video. Optrail has combined location pin-pointing with video surveillance. Utilizing Instek Digital ™ VMS Command Center and location algorithm, Optrail is the best solution for real-time object/person tracking without losing an eye.

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  • real-time and accurate location positioning
  • power of mesh connectivity, no worry if a device fails, the others will continue communicating without interruption
  • Safety

  • prevention of unauthorized entrance
  • monitor staff, visitors and mobile objects
  • create a report with historical movements
  • alarm button for instant assistance
  • instant video footage in case of an incident
  • Efficienty

  • low power consumption
  • increase operation efficiency
  • monitor people / object through Instek Digital™ VMS Command Center
  • Main Functions

    Target Location

    real-time object and/or person tracking with video

    Attendance Recording

    automatic attendance recording real-time motion detection

    Trespassing Prevention

    prevent unauthorized access trespassing warning


    emergency button immediate video recording after transmitting alarm

    Video Footage

    precise positioning with video image

    Historical Tracking

    track movement record collecting evidence

    Optrail Devices

    Watch Tag



    Card Tag



    Reference Node



    Ceiling Reference Node



    Waterproof Reference Node



    USB Dongle



    How It Works

    Instek Digital™ Optrail automatically identifies and tracks the location of objects and/or people in real-time within indoor locations. Wireless tags are attached to an object or worn by a person and the fixed reference node receives a wireless signal from the tag to determine the location.

    Instek Digital™ Optrail utilizes UWB (Ultra Wideband) technology with TDOA (Time Differences of Arrivals). This technology is simpler, less expensive and more accurate than other wireless standards.

    Beside pin-pointing the exact location, Instek Digital™ Optrail also provides map information and live video footage of the object and/or person.


    Vertical Markets


    prevent visitors accessing restricted areas and guarantee their safety


    guarantee patient safety and intervene in case of emergency


    prevent visitor accessing high value areas


    avoid art pieces being tampered

    Command Center Integration

    Instek Digital™ Optrail is more than only a tracking solution. It combines tracking coordinates with live video footage. This results in fast intervention in case of an event. It minimizes response time and video footage also provides visual evidence. Command Center features Real-Time Monitoring, Historical Route Monitoring and Intrusion/Restricted Area Monitoring.

    Real-Time Monitoring

    Utilizing Command Center’s map, the tags, cameras, transceivers and gateways are clearly displayed. When the tag’s alarm is triggered, SmartTrace will be initialized and video footage is available including map information.

    Intrusion / Restricted Area

    Restrict for example inmates to leave the yard during a determined time-frame. If they do, the alarm will be triggered and immediately video footage can be viewed and the inmate will be traceable on the map and through live video footage.

    Historical Monitoring

    Monitor the exact route of a person, including displaying the start and end time. Additionally video footage can be viewed, utilizing SmartTrace. SmartTrace will display video on nine different players, which makes it extremely easy to trace a person including video footage.

    Instek Digital™ Command Center also displays detailed information about the tags and reference nodes. Users can exactly see the status, such as low battery, disconnected, SOS or tampering.

    *Product specifications / images and availability are subject to change without notice.