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Instek Digital - a video surveillance business unit of Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd. - announces the support of iSCSI NAS for its NVRs.

Instek Digital NVRs supports NAS with iSCSI target - expanding the array of additional storage devices. The benefits of NAS (Network Attached Storage) is simple to install and easy to administer - providing an economical storage solution.

For small business user enterprise storage devices with iSCSI protocol can be expensive and difficult to manage - but it offers big advantage compared to NAS.

Whether the NVR exceed the storage capacity or additional storage is required for backing up video-data - NAS with iSCSI target is an economical enterprise-like storage solution. NAS with iSCSI target combines the simplicity of NAS and the benefits of iSCSI. Utilizing NAS with iSCSI target has numerous benefits - such as easy installation and management. Appliances are 'plug-and-play' meaning that very little installation and configuration is required beyond connecting them to the LAN. By carrying SCSI commands over IP networks - iSCSI is used to facilitate data transfer over intranets and manage storage over long distances. iSCSI can be utilized to transmit data over local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WAN). The protocol allows clients to send SCSI commands to SCSI stoage devices on remote servers - with the illusion of locally-attached disks. The NVR will then recognize and access the NAS with iSCSI target as a local storage.

Instek Digital iSCSI NAS support utilizes block I/O mode and is with capability supporting not only files but also database applications.

Sara Lin, Vice President of Instek Digital Video Surveillance Business Unit of Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd., says: "By adding the support of NAS with iSCSI target" - Instek Digital offers a complete solution for video storage. Small business users can benefit the iSCSI protocol - experiencing the enterprise-grade storage - with only a fraction of the cost of traditional IP SAN storage devices".

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Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd.

Instek Digital is a video surveillance division of Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd. and focus on the development of high quality digital surveillance solutions. The company inherited over 20 years of surveillance experience. Instek Digital has the luxury to be supported by Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd and has over 30 years of electronics, R&D and manufacturing experience. Additional also listed on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange.

Instek Digital offers a wide array video surveillance software and hardware - under the brand of Instek Digital. The core design are based on the following principles; "User-Friendliness", "Scalability" and "Reliability". Instek Digital's solutions are based on an open platform - creating seamless third party integration. With this concept Instek Digital has created a business model that can meet every aspect in today's surveillance demand. The results speak for themselves - based on the small and large projects that we have deployed around the world.

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