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Archive solution with unlimited storage capacity


To simply our archive server product-line – Instek Digital has made some changes. We have taken two models out of production and replaced them with a new one. Instek Digital AS-5401-1U archive server is a cost-effective device with the ability to connect to extended storage device.

Instek Digital AS-5401-1U is a 1U rack mountable archive server with two hard-drive discs for basic video-data archiving. For additional storage capacity – it can be connected to various types of storage devices – such as SAS DAS with JBOD, IP SAN with JBOD and NAS supporting iSCSI target.

The AS-5401-1U is focused on video surveillance environments that require archiving for only essential video-data that does not require much storage capacity. However at the same time requires the flexibility and availability of an archive server that can be expanded with storage capacity in case of large video-data files or future expansion.

Model AS5401-1U
HDD bays 2
External storage SAS DAS + JBOD / IP SAN + JBOD / NAS supporting iSCSI target
Channel input 64
Power consumption 300W
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 367 x 430 x 44
Weight (kg) 9.0


Instek Digital AS5401-1U is the perfect cost-effective solutio for video-surveillance archiving - with flexibility for expansion.


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