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Wednesday - January 27th, 2016
Instek Digital announces VTrack video analytics
Intelligent security and optimize business processes

Instek Digital is focused on the development of high quality digital video surveillance solutions - today announced the availability of its video intelligence solution VTrack. This real-time video analytics, forensic search and business intelligence video surveillance solution makes it possible to detect, track and classify subject or events of interest.

VTrack can be linked to a large library - where it is collected and continously updated all image processing state-of-the-art for automatic and real-time video processing of scenes. This is why Instek Digital VTrack - unlike traditional motion detection based modules - can guarantee unprecedented functionalities and performance. It turns passive video into a highly accurate discernible tool. The intelligenly analyses the video content and differentiates a moving object from its background.

Additionally VTrack is integrated into Instek Digital VMS Command Center - which creates the ultimate video surveillance solution. The integration allows Command Center to receive a signal from VTrack which results an real-time alarm notification and video popup from the related event.

VTrack can be benifitical for any vertical market - such as the industry, retail, medical facilities, education, transportation and many more. The benefits can be related to make organizations and environments safer - but also optimize business processes and improves financial results.


Features of VTrack include:

  • open platform: recognizes any analog and IP-cameras and ONVIF certified.
  • instant notification: real-time e-mail notification
  • advanced technology: powerful algorithm and methods for automatic and real-time video flow analytics.

    Instek Digital VTrack function:

    Loitering detection and signaling of subjects of interest that remain within virtual areas for longer than a defined time
    Left Object detection and signaling of objects left unattended
    Stolen Object detection and signaling of objects removed
    GateFlow detection and signaling of objects left unattended
    Area Counting detection and signaling of objects removed
    Panic Disorder counting and collecting number and the dwell time of persons with a virtual area
    Counting counting and collection of the number of subjects of interest crossing virtual gates in a certain direction
    Slipfall detection and signaling of a person who lies down and remains on the ground for longer than a defined time
    Wrong way detection and signaling of subjects of interest moving towards a not allowed direction within virtual areas
    Stationary Vehile detection and signaling of vehicles stationary within virtual areas for a longer than a defined time
    Smoke Fire detection and signaling smoke and/or fire
    Face Detection detection and signaling the presence of faces
    License Plate Recognition detection and reading of license plates
    Skimmer Detection detection and signaling of the presence of minimal variations of the position of contours
    Intrusion detection and signaling of any intrusion within a virtual area
    ATM detection and signaling of one or more than one persons who remain within a virtual area for longer than a defined time
    Occupancy Rate estimate and collecting of the percentage of occupancy of virtual areas by subjects of interest
    Hot Zones visualize most populated zones with higher or lower presence of persons
    AV Speed estimate and collecting of the average speed of vehicles crossing double virtual gates
    PTZ Standalone detection, signaling and tracking of subjects of interest by a PTZ-camera
    PTZ Plugin automatic piloting of a PTZ-camera for the tracking of a subject of interest

    Instek Digital video intelligene solution VTrack is available now!

    For more information – please contact Li-Chiang Wang at +886 2268 9939 ext. 117 or write an e-mail to or take a look at

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