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Compact and Robust NVR

The Instek Digital Cube NVR was designed for the distinctive needs of distributed enterprise installations with centralized management. Each NVR can support from 4 to 16 IP camera channels and has 2 swappable HDDs. Its compact size and robust features such as a local display and support for 4 to 9 IP camera channels as well as 2 swappable hard drives make it ideal for installations with limited space availability. Multiple Instek Digital Cube NVRs can be connected via a network to allow both on-site and off-site management. The Cube NVR has a unique web user interface which can be used to view live and playback video, NVR status as well as NVR setup for camera tours and camera recognition from an online connection. And with their cost effective pricing, they can affordably be installed across multiple locations making them the ideal NVR for today’s distributed retail business model.

Product Features

  • Space Efficient Size:  24 (L) x 13.1 (W) x 12.6 (H) (cm)
  • Equipped with 2 swappable hard disk drives
  • Supports various video compression formats and resolution of IP cameras
  • Web interface for online viewing of live and video playback
  • Stable and secure application on Linux OS
  • SDK API ready for integration with POS, Access Control and Building Automation systems.
  • Local display video output