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Instek Digital, a business unit of Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd., warrants its products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship as following:

This policy covers Instek Digital products sold outside of China and Taiwan. Instek Digital’s standard warranty period for its products is 24 months. Instek Digital currently takes RMA requests from its authorized dealers only. End customers are advised to return RMA merchandise to their authorized dealers first and have their dealer’s process RMA requests. Instek Digital’s authorized dealers can contact our technical support staff by phone (+886 2 2268 9939) or email ( for RMA assistance. End customers are advised to contact their authorized dealers for support.


Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Product Returns
Authorized dealers must first contact Instek Digital and receive a RMA number before any product return. All returns must be accompanied with RMA numbers and freight must be prepaid. Instek Digital will not accept any unauthorized or freight collect return. For unauthorized or freight collect returns, Instek Digital will return the shipments to the senders at their expense. If a returned product contains parts that are no longer available or repairable, Instek Digital will contact the authorized dealers to discuss a resolution.

When preparing the product for return shipment to Instek Digital, please observe the following:

  • Instek Digital recommends the product to be returned in its original packaging. The original packaging will provide proper protection during transit. Warranty may be voided if the product is damaged due to improper packaging. Original packaging may not be retuned once RMA service is completed;
  • Please ship only the RMA product unless specially requested by Instek Digital. Any other items or accessories received by Instek Digital will be treated as packaging material, and may not be returned;
  • For RMA product received with improper or inadequate packaging, Instek Digital may charge the authorized dealers for proper packaging when the product is shipped back. 


Dead On Arrival (DOA) Product Returns
Request for DOA product must be made within 90 days from the original shipping date. For any DOA request, authorized dealer must first contact Instek Digital technical support for diagnostic test before returning the product. The DOA product must be returned within 30days from the date the DOA return was first requested.

  • Instek Digital will cover the freight of both shipping from and back to the authorized dealers;
  • Product must be complete with original packaging;
  • Please ship only the DOA product unless specially requested by Instek Digital. Any other items or accessories received by Instek Digital will be treated as packaging material, and may not be returned;
  • The DOA product will be replaced with a brand new unit;
  • For No Defects Found (NDF) case, Instek Digital will notify the authorized dealer of any applicable packaging and shipping fees.


Products Under Warranty
For product within the 24 months warranty period from the original shipping date: 

  • Authorized dealer is responsible for all freight associated with returning the product for RMA service, and Instek Digital will cover the freight of shipping back the product to the authorized dealer;
  • Return product will be tested upon receipt based on the problem description given by the authorized dealer;
  • If the product is determined to be defective, Instek Digital will replace the defective parts. Replacement parts are provided at Instek Digital’s sole discretion;
  • Replacement product follow these conditions:
  • The original warranty period will continue to apply to the replacement unit or parts. I.e. if the original warranty has 12 months left, the replacement unit will only have 12 months warranty. No warranty extension will be given to the replacement products;
  • Replacement unit or parts may be new or refurbished;
  • If an exact replacement item is not available, a similar replacement item will be issued with equal or better hardware spec of the original item.


Products Out of Warranty
Out of warranty conditions include the following:

  • Product that has been purchased longer than 24 months from the original shipping date;
  • Product with cosmetic damage or other damage cause by improper installation, operation, cleaning or maintenance, accident, misuse, abuse, repair by an unauthorized third party, or natural disaster; 
  • Product whose serial number has been altered, defaced, or removed:
  • The authorized dealer needs to cover all shipping cost and any repair or inspection cost necessary;
  • If the RMA product is not defective, an USD$30.00 testing and inspection fee will still apply;
  • For detective products, tech support will provide detailed repair quotations to authorized dealers;
  • Instek Digital will issue a PI with detailed quotations before making repairs on out-of-warranty products. Instek Digital reserves the right to refuse repair services to authorized dealers who do not sign and return the PI. Furthermore, Instek Digital will scrap defective products without notice if the PI was not signed and returned by the authorized dealer within three months;
  • Out of warranty replacement products will have the warranty of 90 days starting from the date they are shipped back to the authorized dealer.


End of Service (EOS)
RMA service will terminate for EOL products. Please check End-Of-Life Product list for more details.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at all time (+886 2 2268 9939 or



A Video Surveillance Business Unit of Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd.


*Remark: this policy do not apply for China and Taiwan and effective from March 1st, 2015.

Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd.

Instek Digital is a video surveillance division of Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd. and focus on the development of high quality digital surveillance solutions. The company inherited over 20 years of surveillance experience. Instek Digital has the luxury to be supported by Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd and has over 30 years of electronics, R&D and manufacturing experience. Additional also listed on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange.

Instek Digital offers a wide array video surveillance software and hardware - under the brand of Instek Digital. The core design are based on the following principles; "User-Friendliness", "Scalability" and "Reliability". Instek Digital's solutions are based on an open platform - creating seamless third party integration. With this concept Instek Digital has created a business model that can meet every aspect in today's surveillance demand. The results speak for themselves - based on the small and large projects that we have deployed around the world.

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