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Q: How many cameras can be installed and monitored under Instek Digital?

A: Instek Digital can display an unlimited number of cameras distributed on an unlimited number of Instek Digital hDVRs.  The number of cameras is only limited by the storage capacity of your recording hardware.

Q: What products are included in Instek Digital?

A: Instek Digital includes DVR, NVR, (or hDVR), Command Center, Video Server, Video Storage System (Archive Server and Direct Access Storage), and nCCTV. Instek Digital is a comprehensive system to provide high resolution, long term digital video storage and IP based CCTV solution on a scalable and reliable platform.

Q: What does "Hybrid" mean in hDVR?

A: The "h" in hDVR stands for "Hybrid".  Hybrid is the unique feature of hDVR that can record and monitor both analog cameras and IP video sources (from IP camera or IP video server), all in single hDVR unit.

Q: What is the compression technology inside hDVR? Software or hardware based?

A: It is H.264 hardware based. It produces 10 times better compression performance than Motion JPEG.

Q: What operating system does the hDVR run?

A: hDVR runs on a stable and secure embedded Linux OS.

Q: What is the maximum storage capacity of hDVR?

A: With 32 cameras (16 analog + 16 digital) per hDVR, the internal storage is up to 1 month, and the external storage is up to 5 months.

Q: What kinds of IP video sources does hDVR support?

A: It supports video formats of H.264, Motion JPEG and MPEG4. Including ACTi, AXIS, Messoa, Pixord, Sony and many others, hDVR is compatible with the mainstream IP video devices.  Click here to see our full camera compatibility list.

Q: What kinds of PTZ cameras does hDVR support?

A: It supports Panasonic, Bosch/Phillips, PELCO, Tyco, Lilin, TOA, GE/Kalatel, Honeywell, and SDK. Click here to see our full camera compatibility list.

Q: How many IP video sources can be connected into one hDVR?

A: Up to 16-32 IP video sources.

Q: How many IP video sources can be connected into one NVR?

A: Our 3U series can support up to 64 channels and we have many options below.  Click here to see our full recorder lineup.

Q: Does hDVR support digital inputs and outputs?

A: Yes. One hDVR can support up to 64 DI/32 DO, with the options of the following I/O modules: ID-IO2000-1600 (16 DI) ID-IO2000-0008 (8 DO) ID-IO2000-0808 (8 DI / 8DO)

Q: What are the key features of Command Center?

A: Instek Digital Command Center provides the highest performance to display real time video image at 600 frames per second. It comes with triple monitors to serve the security specialists with all demanded functions.

Q: How many video channels can be display at Command Center?

A: Command Center can display concurrent 20 video channels at 30 frames per second in both live and playback mode.