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Instek Digital is proud to offer a training course to better inform our System Integrators of the Instek Digital product line, component installation and operation, and common troubleshooting scenarios.

The course is composed of five sections:

  • Introduction - Introduction to Instek Digital's products and common integration scenarios.
  • Basic Installation and Configuration - Basic Installation and configuration of the base components (camera, recorder and VMS) as well as Command Center.
  • Advanced Installation and Configuration - Advanced Installation of components such as RVA, Archive Servers and Video Servers as well as configuration of features such as RAID and failover.
  • User Guide - Walkthrough of the major features of Command Center VMS.
  • Trouble Shooting, Hardware Replacement and Software Upgrade - Recorder and VMS troubleshooting, replacement and testing of major hardware components in Instek Digital 's product line and how to upgrade the recorder, VMS and nCCTV Virtual Matrix software.

You can access the course here.

If you are interested in creating a free account for the course, please email