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TV-Wall WIZ is an application controller to manage and monitor a TV-Wall. It allows multiple security managers to view video-data at the same time simultaneously and reduce response time in case of an emergency.

This application can simple be installed on Instek Digital Command Center client computer and by connecting to the same network as Instek Digital’s NVR and nCCTV HD, TV-Wall WIZ makes Instek Digital’s TV-Wall solution complete.

TV-Wall WIZ is an easy to use application and in case of emergency, videos can also be shared to other TV-Walls at other locations. For example when one police station is following a suspect and needs assistance from another police station, they can share the video with the suspect for quick response.


  • Monitor Stitching
  • Pattern
  • Tour
  • Sequence
  • Alarm Pattern


  The View screen allows users to live view and playback security videos on the TV-Wall, select different patterns, tours and sequence.  


  The configuration screen makes it easy to select NVR's, configure monitors, create patters, tours and sequence. Also alarms can be configured and software version can be checked.  


  The TV-Wall screen is a virtual representation of the TV-Wall, allowing users to configure each individual monitor on the TV-Wall. Such as stitching monitors to create one large display.