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  VERTICAL MARKETS            
  With lives at stake and expensive medical equipment on site, hospital security systems are mission-critical.  With advanced video analytics and hybrid DVRs, Instek Digital provides the security coverage you require and the ability to integrate with legacy systems.  

In manufacturing environments, a single disaster can cause billions of dollars in asset loss as well as thousands of lives. Video analytics and alarm management is crucial in preventing these unwanted events. Production and commercial facilities can be monitored remotely to ensure operational efficiency and quality service.


School security has been a hot issue in the 21st century with numerous news stories broadcasted showing young lives at risk. Instek Digital provides the power to monitor your campus with numerous IP and analog options. In addition, you can link your school's security system remotely with local police to ensure rapid response.

  Video is quickly becoming the new benchmark for POS (Point Of Sale) integration. POS tying comprehensive search functionality with an advanced video management solution enables business owners and managers to increase productivity and improve efficiency. The integration between POS system with Video Monitoring empowers retailers to improve on aspects of loss prevention, cash-handling, employee productivity and ultimately reporting increase in sales, while keeping the operational costs down to a minimum.  

Transportation facilities handle high traffic volume over a large space, making them a challenge to monitor. Instek Digital provides high volume camera recording, Hybrid DVRs for legacy systems, the ability to view live and recorded video from the same interface, and field-proven video analytics to ensure the safety of your transportation project.