Global Administrator (GA)

Instek Digital Global Administrator (GA) is a sophisticated solution for globally large-scale security installations that need centralized user, device and alarm management. It allows centralized management of all connected cameras, devices, storage and users. With Instek Digital GA - large-scale video surveillance systems can easily be managed economically and without loosing overview. The entire video surveillance system can be manage as one or as individual parts. The administrator can grant rights to users and administrators - according to their authorities.

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GA5403-2U GA5402-2U GA5401-2U GA5403-2U GA5402-2U GA5401-2U
PSU dual dual dual - - -
Number of registered users 100 50 30 100 50 30
Number of channels 1000 500 200 1000 500 200
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Instek Digital™ Global Administrator Failover (GA-FO) is a trustworthy backup solution for Global Administrator. It periodically synchronizes the Global Administrators database. In any case Global Administrator is disconnected for more than 30 seconds – Global Administrator Failover will automatically take-over the operations and its virtual IP-address and once Global Administrator resumes operations – GA-FO return in standby mode. Instek Digital™ GA-FO takes-over all the functionalities of Global Administrator. It is a comprehensive solution for centralized viewing and management large-scale sites. With GA’s web interface cameras from the entire project site – not matter the location, can be viewed centrally. In addition the health status from each device from every project site can be monitored. User can see whether if a device is online or offline – CPU and memory consumption, software version and license status. Also license information can be found and license can be registered. Instek Digital™ Global Administrator Failover is the best backup solution for large-scale sites and centralized management.